online business Why should you have a consultant in your business?

Why should there be an online business consultant ?

After all, this is probably the main question that most people wonder when they see the term “Online Marketing Consultant or Online Business Consultant”. There would be no need for a consultant. Because we are only a small business, let me tell you that you may be wrong.

Nowadays, this is the era where everything is logged onto the Internet or the Internet of Things, giving everyone the opportunity to do business more conveniently. But on the other hand, it also increases the competition. which affects both small and large businesses. That’s why you should have an online business consultant. To help you stay

on top of the huge number of competitors in the market, sure enough, then online business consultants. It’s like a football coach who guides you. make plans For the team to win the competition until we have the championship itself. In doing business,

it’s the same. Having a good mentor is like having a mentor to guide you. and make it possible to move forward with confidence and with minimal errors

The main function of an online business consultant is Helping and giving advice to those who have no experience in doing business online. as well as teach you how to do online marketing that is correct and effective and effective This allows you to build your brand identity properly and sustainably. Make your business known among the target

customers. as well as consulting on business strategy planning to make the product sell more In addition, consultants also play a role in recommending the application of IT tools to organizations to enable effective online marketing. and develop the potential of IT personnel Including the planning of the advertising strategy of the business must be

able to advise us that What kind of advertising media should be used? To spread through various social media because the image in the online world is important. and cannot be built in a day Having a team of experts who understand and experienced to help you in every aspect whether in marketing in creating a good image or even dealing

with the online image crisis. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary. Because these advices will help your brand and products to be strong and grow steadily and for a long time

online business with factors affecting business growth

Stepping into the new year 2018, many marketers have made an analysis. and a summary of the overall results of the online business in the past and the trend that will go next to be used for business planning in the future As for online business or e-commerce, there is a convoy such as the Electronic Transactions Development Agency

(ETDA) or “ETDA” that has concluded a survey report on the total value of electronic commerce in Thailand during the past 2017. to e-commerce operators or guests can bring such information to be used to analyze and plan their business

four factors contributed. online business growing in Thailand

1. Government support

The government sector has played a role in supporting and accelerate the development of foundation entrepreneurs, both farmers and local entrepreneurs Their products and produce can be sold online. The government agencies that support are: Department of

Business Development electronic government office Electronic Transactions Development Agency Ministry of Commerce Ministry of Digital Economy and Society

2. Entrepreneurs are increasingly turning to online sales channels.

In an era where everything is online Not even the purchase of goods and services. This makes entrepreneurs who only have a storefront to be the only channel for selling products. It is necessary to adapt to the needs of customers in purchasing the product. If you look at the data Percentage of entrepreneurs in e-commerce during 2014-2016

by type of product sales and service It can be seen that the number of entrepreneurs who sell products via the Internet only has continuously increased. Because the investment is not much, there is no limitation, whether it is location or time, so

entrepreneurs who only have a storefront turn to expand their online sales channels. This is to increase the chances of selling their products there.

3. Changing behavior of Thai people

Most of the Thai people are increasingly turning to online shopping. According to the survey of internet usage of Thai people in 2017, online shopping is Ranked 5th, up from 8th place in 2016 due to purchases And services through online channels are

convenient. There is a wide variety of products to choose from. and can compare prices before making a purchase There are also many payment channels as well.

4. Foreign investors. More investment in e-commerce business

Foreign investment in e-commerce, whether in the form of a central market. (Marketplace), Delivery (Logistic) or Payment Gateway (Payment Gateway). Countries that invest in e-commerce businesses in Thailand include Singapore, Taiwan, China,

Korea and Malaysia, etc., in addition to creating a competitive atmosphere for already bustling It also encourages Thai entrepreneurs to hurry up and develop themselves.

Based on the above factors, it would be helpful to forecast the growth and competitiveness of e-commerce in 2018. For those who are still hesitant about whether to do business online or not. Please try to study the information. to be ready before

entering the field so that your business can move forward in a systematic way and sustainable growth

4 Techniques for Baccarat

4 Techniques for Playing Baccarat Games to increase your chances of winning gambling games

1. Set clear goals in playing baccarat.

To accomplish something, you must set clear goals. Playing baccarat is the same, you should set your goals well, for example, how much profit do you want today? And how much will you be able to lose? Gambling can make you money fast. But if you lack the goal of playing, the profit you made may disappear within the blink of an eye.

2. Deal with your investments thoroughly before playing baccarat.

The capital issue is as important as any other item. Because when you step into playing online casinos, you need to use real money and credit to play. You should manage your funds as thoroughly as possible and most importantly, do not bring hot money into play. Because if you’re just a little impatient, this money can cause you trouble for a long time.

3. Carefully study and collect information on playing guidelines.

Don’t risk playing if you lack information or the right way to play. Therefore, whether the information is more or less, you should study and collect as much information as possible because eventually when it comes time to make a decision, this information will help you make the right decision.

4. Do not risk betting if you are not confident in

If there is no confidence, you should not place bets. Because it can cause you to lose a large sum of money that cannot be returned. Therefore, these risks should be minimized. By waiting to play in the eyes that you are confident will be better.

Baccarat game techniques To be highly effective, please do not forget that you must study the guidelines before playing. The more you study, the better you will be. Therefore, we have compiled 4 playing techniques that have been selected for your benefit. To help play baccarat online that is smooth and to help you play comfortably and make you confident. Playing baccarat to create a chance to make money is easy.

popularity of the game of Baccarat

The widespread worldwide popularity of the game of Baccarat.

Did you know that gambling games nowadays are becoming less and less every day in Thailand due to the government’s serious crackdown on closure and arrest? People who operate in Thailand are terrified and very few have opened so far unless they have really good connections. But it also caused the number of online casino sites to increase rapidly. which most Thai people will open gambling abroad Anyone who has ever been to Poipet will know how many there are, not including the ones that are open only online. I had the opportunity to visit once. Each casino, which is very large, has a hotel restaurant to provide convenience, some of which are fine.

included in the casino Have everything, you don’t have to go out Coming to my gambling I walked around several times rather than choosing a game to play. Initially, I went to play slots first because it required coins. When I got it, I exchanged it for chips to play blackjack and then continue with baccarat. But this game really has a lot of players. I had to wait in line for a long time before I could play. That’s why they say it’s a game that is popular all over the world. with an easy-to-play game style There are no complicated secrets. Including this game, it’s very easy to earn money. I went to play for a moment and still got 2-3 thousand baht. So comfortable, I have money to travel.

I can continue anywhere and the second place where I go is online casinos. which is decorated in a very elegant and elegant I also thought that the palace is very big. Inside, there is a bar for gamblers who come to play here as well. Plus, going inside, they will categorize us for all the games that are there here, very impressed.

Baccarat that everyone accepts

The specialties of online baccarat games that everyone accepts

Today we are going to talk about the specialties of online casino games. Which is considered very popular with Thai gamblers? which has outstanding features and is easy to play Anyone who doesn’t play at all can play as well. which will use the cards as playing equipment It’s old enough. Let’s see what game is better. That is baccarat. This game is said to have originated in European countries hundreds of years ago. Every casino has to have this game, if it doesn’t, it’s very bad. Because this game, let me tell you, is the game that calls the most gamblers. Let’s talk about other things we have about this next.

The evolution of the game of Baccarat

Baccarat is classified as a very old story ever from the original having to travel to the casino in order to play it. It has now become an online game that can be played anywhere with a computer and internet. Gamblers all over the world love the new system of games. But there will be one website that stands out from the villagers in that it can be played on mobile phones first, that is, online casinos are very successful

Advantages of online casino games

Online casino games are home to almost all types of gambling games and there are many to choose from. There will be different promotions depending on the owner. This is the main competitive point of various websites. all together Good promotion, everyone wants to go to play. If anyone hasn’t tried it, they can find it in Google. by searching for the word online casino Choose to see promotions on the website whether you like us or not. If you like it, you can call and apply on the website right away. Don’t forget to prepare to open a bank account in your own name as well.

 Another level of casino

 Another level of online casino games

Online casino games, games that gamblers are talking about all over the city these days. It is a game that will change the mindset of all gamblers. From having been searching for a place to play hide and seek for a long time, because opening a gambling house in our home is a high risk, it is illegal. Can play anywhere with internet But if you want to not risk it, it’s better to sit at home. because we only see one person If it’s a normal internet cafe, it might not be very convenient.

Find a good game in online casinos to play.

If the gambler still doesn’t know how to play any game, try going into the room and see first which game will be the game that we want to play the most Most of the people who play the most are baccarat games. It’s the easiest game to play among the games available. It is a prediction of the cards which side will have more points and make money quickly as well. If you can’t play, you can ask the team of the web for no more than 15 minutes. Anyone who hasn’t signed up can ask for a code to try it out before signing up. There is a balance to play up to 500 baht, but can’t withdraw. Because it’s just a trial code.

What are the best online casino sites to play?

Choosing a website to play, we should find a website that we like and receive with the promotions that the website offers. If it is, I will choose a website that offers us a lot, for example online casino websites. This is a website that I have been using for more than 10 years. Plus, the promotion is really magnificent. It’s easy and fast to withdraw money. Some sites that I used to apply for withdrawing money are very slow but their water bills are high. But I’m a person who can’t wait to come to an online casino website, much better.