Fish shooting game techniques

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Fish shooting game techniques Great formula to make profits like a master

Shoot less and die too.

Many people mistakenly believe that a quick shot can kill that fish faster. And that’s the wrong idea. because of rapid shooting You won’t be able to predict the number of ammo lost. Plus, it may cost a lot that it’s not worth the fish at all. Therefore, you should aim accurately and shoot at the right time.

Be calm and gradually find a shot.

Playing fish shooting games requires you to be calm and conscious. slow fish shooting This will help the fish die easier and not waste ammo. If you don’t want to lose the free ammo, aim slowly, slowly shoot, it’s better. Don’t believe me, try it !

Fish shooting game with misunderstandings.

Fish shooting game with misunderstandings.

Fish shooting games With us, the misunderstanding that novices learn to play fish shooting games are often misunderstood in many people. many stories

o Item fish that have dropped out of the stage will reenter. In fact, each character Most players will repeat the shot, do not waste time with it.

o Some types of boss fish that are still in the scene The same character that moves fast or leaves the scene and comes back again. How to defeat the boss fish Suggest that it should be an electric gun to see better results than other guns.

o Changing the scene . will help players have boredom Do players know that? Every time the scene changes in the fish shooting game. The fish in that game scene will be changed or reset as well The change affects the game of shooting fish very much, it turns out that the fish in the scene that was shot will be wasted.

o The direction of the fish swimming is another important issue in fish shooting games. If the fish swim in the way that we and there were no other fish in the area You can use a gun to prod the spider webs to deal with it. Try to avoid electric guns if you think you can’t get them.

o Kill fish that are easy but get a score of 100% as far as you can see. Fish plugs are considered easy fish to kill. Suitable for making a scoring frame Even though I can’t do much but never lost This is also the fish that we kill repeatedly. Continuing to multiply the score to be added as well.

o The timing and learning is another matter that the player must study and understand. movement speed of fish for movement patterns when we have accuracy in these fish shooting game will not be a hard passer any more.

o Observe the play. It is a trick that should be studied in trial and error, while the player is in the game is a bad practice. The players are better at playing fish shooting games. You have to keep an eye on how others play, focusing on what kind of fish. Shoot the fish and score up? This is planning, firing, because every bullet fired Valuable, don’t waste

o Using item guns Let’s go and shoot fish In the end, you will lose both guns and ammunition. You won’t get anything because some games don’t allow it. Use it to hunt items. If using a laser gun will not drop items.

o chicken stealing. Fish shooting games are games that are waiting to cheat players. As you can see, most of the players are trying. to cheat fish shooting games, for example, we shoot small fish at Score until a special item will be taken as a reference in killing fish.

Fish shooting game you should know

fish shooting game, basics that you should know

• Save ammo, the faster the ammo runs out, the faster the fish shooting game ends. Focus on shooting fish that score a lot. And it doesn’t have to be a slow-dead fish. Focus on fish that die quickly, but a lot of points are worth more, such as a fish that gets 4 points, but uses 2-3 bullets, it’s worth more than a fish that gets 10 points, but has to shoot 7-8 rounds, which is not worth it, so use the bullet-saving formula to make it playable. Longer and more points.

• Using angles for beginners, they may not be able to catch a fish shooting point. By always focusing on the big fish first. that is a wrong idea because it was a waste of ammunition without cause Beginners should study the angles of the fish-shooter before starting to play. Rotating the barrel around Then more shots at a time to allow the bullets to go in different directions to hit the fish in many ways. That angle will give you points from that fish. And there is a chance that the fish will die easier too.

• Focusing on the fish. A gambler who likes to shoot big fish recommends shooting slowly to see the focus first. Don’t fire bullets big fish will help you do it. To save more ammunition is not necessary. Must run out of ammunition with small fish to focus on big fish. The more you shoot with many players. People will make the big fish die faster, Casino will give you a special bonus, many times more.

• shooting like a fish master. Gamblers who have started playing fish shooting games until they get used to it. Because this formula will play as adding ammunition to a single fish. Have the player aim the bullet at the wall. In order to make that ammunition by the fish, the player must have enough precision skills Let the player shoot more projectiles into the fish will have a greater chance of getting points from the fish. Have to wait for the fish to swim to the corner that we aimed at.