Online Marketing with 5 Techniques without Big Investment

5 Cool Techniques for Cool Online Marketing

1. Create good quality content.

Even the competitor’s website will sell products. and services that are the same as ours But what can make your business different? and stand out above competitors Content, which is to create good quality content. Can build credibility for your business itself. In addition to creating good quality content. No need to spend a lot of money Just take a

moment to write the content. Or hire someone to write good content. In order to get quality articles, it doesn’t break any rules.

2. Use Facebook to promote.

Facebook is one of the most popular marketing tools in this era. You can create a Facebook Page to promote products. and your services without having to pay anything Or you may pay to advertise with Facebook to increase your chances of reaching customers in a short time.

3. Do SEO

whether doing online business through Facebook is something that is hot. And it’s getting more and more popular. but the traditional way of doing business online But still the most powerful is still Google unchanged. Because most people still use Google to

search for products. and service is the main Therefore, the focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for our website.

Ranking in the top of Google is indispensable as well. 4.Email Marketing.

Email is an easy channel. and use lower marketing budget than other channels But most people tend to overlook this channel to Email Marketing that allows you to send news about the product. And various public relations to a large number of target groups

in a short time with this Email Marketing will make our website known and most importantly, Email is also a channel to contact customers with high efficiency.

5.Create cool videos on YouTube

Video editing can be done simply by studying online, allowing you to create videos. Then upload it to Youtube to promote the product. and services for your business and if your video is popular May cause your sales to increase in a landslide until you can’t keep up

Marketing in today’s online era We may not always need a high marketing investment. Just by applying various tools in the online world. You can do various marketing by yourself. For those who are interested in doing business online. or build a successful brand by yourself You can follow good knowledge from us here.

online business Why should you have a consultant in your business?

Why should there be an online business consultant ?

After all, this is probably the main question that most people wonder when they see the term “Online Marketing Consultant or Online Business Consultant”. There would be no need for a consultant. Because we are only a small business, let me tell you that you may be wrong.

Nowadays, this is the era where everything is logged onto the Internet or the Internet of Things, giving everyone the opportunity to do business more conveniently. But on the other hand, it also increases the competition. which affects both small and large businesses. That’s why you should have an online business consultant. To help you stay

on top of the huge number of competitors in the market, sure enough, then online business consultants. It’s like a football coach who guides you. make plans For the team to win the competition until we have the championship itself. In doing business,

it’s the same. Having a good mentor is like having a mentor to guide you. and make it possible to move forward with confidence and with minimal errors

The main function of an online business consultant is Helping and giving advice to those who have no experience in doing business online. as well as teach you how to do online marketing that is correct and effective and effective This allows you to build your brand identity properly and sustainably. Make your business known among the target

customers. as well as consulting on business strategy planning to make the product sell more In addition, consultants also play a role in recommending the application of IT tools to organizations to enable effective online marketing. and develop the potential of IT personnel Including the planning of the advertising strategy of the business must be

able to advise us that What kind of advertising media should be used? To spread through various social media because the image in the online world is important. and cannot be built in a day Having a team of experts who understand and experienced to help you in every aspect whether in marketing in creating a good image or even dealing

with the online image crisis. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary. Because these advices will help your brand and products to be strong and grow steadily and for a long time

online business with factors affecting business growth

Stepping into the new year 2018, many marketers have made an analysis. and a summary of the overall results of the online business in the past and the trend that will go next to be used for business planning in the future As for online business or e-commerce, there is a convoy such as the Electronic Transactions Development Agency

(ETDA) or “ETDA” that has concluded a survey report on the total value of electronic commerce in Thailand during the past 2017. to e-commerce operators or guests can bring such information to be used to analyze and plan their business

four factors contributed. online business growing in Thailand

1. Government support

The government sector has played a role in supporting and accelerate the development of foundation entrepreneurs, both farmers and local entrepreneurs Their products and produce can be sold online. The government agencies that support are: Department of

Business Development electronic government office Electronic Transactions Development Agency Ministry of Commerce Ministry of Digital Economy and Society

2. Entrepreneurs are increasingly turning to online sales channels.

In an era where everything is online Not even the purchase of goods and services. This makes entrepreneurs who only have a storefront to be the only channel for selling products. It is necessary to adapt to the needs of customers in purchasing the product. If you look at the data Percentage of entrepreneurs in e-commerce during 2014-2016

by type of product sales and service It can be seen that the number of entrepreneurs who sell products via the Internet only has continuously increased. Because the investment is not much, there is no limitation, whether it is location or time, so

entrepreneurs who only have a storefront turn to expand their online sales channels. This is to increase the chances of selling their products there.

3. Changing behavior of Thai people

Most of the Thai people are increasingly turning to online shopping. According to the survey of internet usage of Thai people in 2017, online shopping is Ranked 5th, up from 8th place in 2016 due to purchases And services through online channels are

convenient. There is a wide variety of products to choose from. and can compare prices before making a purchase There are also many payment channels as well.

4. Foreign investors. More investment in e-commerce business

Foreign investment in e-commerce, whether in the form of a central market. (Marketplace), Delivery (Logistic) or Payment Gateway (Payment Gateway). Countries that invest in e-commerce businesses in Thailand include Singapore, Taiwan, China,

Korea and Malaysia, etc., in addition to creating a competitive atmosphere for already bustling It also encourages Thai entrepreneurs to hurry up and develop themselves.

Based on the above factors, it would be helpful to forecast the growth and competitiveness of e-commerce in 2018. For those who are still hesitant about whether to do business online or not. Please try to study the information. to be ready before

entering the field so that your business can move forward in a systematic way and sustainable growth